I can find only 5 programs in the Add/Remove list. But I have 50 or more applications installed. Is this becoz I have 2 administrator accounts in my PC. (Win XP)

The Add/Remove Programs control panel generates its list based on information in entries under the following Registry key:


Do all of your installed programs show up in that Registry key? To check:

1. Click on the "Run..." option in your Start menu.

2. In the "Open:" box of the resulting Run dialog, type "regedit" (omit the quotes) and hit enter.

3. Navigate to the key listed above; the individual sub-keys there will contain info related to each of your installed programs.

!! Do not change anything while using the Registry; just view the contents of it !! You can severely cripple your system if you make a mistake.

Yes all the programmes I installed are there in the registry. Now I deleted the other account I can see all the programs in the Add/Remove list