I trying to run the sfc /scan I have inserted the windows disk into the drive.

I have shut off the screen saver and closed all windows while doing it.

I find that this goes like 3/4 of the way and then appears to totally freeze., to such an extent that I actually have to pull the plug and shut off the computer. I THINK I am patient enough on it, I dont think it would finish.

Would you know if there is any work around on this?

Normally you run that by booting from the installation CD and using the recovery console to get your to a dos prompt. Otherwise the files will be in use by window and you will not be able to replace them.

So its click on the drive with the disk and then what please? I am not quite understanding you..

If you can access your desktop you dont need a disk to do this.

go to run or search from your start menu and choose cmd.exe (run as administrator)

make sure you're in C:\_ and type sfc /scannow. done.

Please refer to beginning of thread, when I do this and use the disk I get 3/4 of the way though then it FREEZES?

it gets frozen with the version with the disk?

Using a version without this chkdsk f / /r it came out clean?

Sorry to take so long responding but if you have not resolved this you really need to run it from the CD. If you run it from the CMD prompt and windows is using one of the files you are trying to replace it does not replace the file but acts like it did.