I've got a windows xp home edition laptop and i went to install a game yesterday but quickly realized my windows wasn't seeing the cdrom.

First, I restarted hoping to fix it, nothing.

Then I did some research and found a thread on daniweb from 2004 and tried all their suggestions.
1) removing the registry lower filters. There were no UpperFilters for me to delete!
2) running the vb fix script
3) checking device manager (cdrom isn't listed in here)
4) doing a system restore - restored back 4 months ago when i'm pretty sure the cdrom was there, but it wasn't. So I restored back.

The cdrom starts, lights up and spins...so I know its working. And unfortunately, being a laptop, I can't really open it up and replace that cable or check to make sure its all connected well. I just have to assume it is.

Everytime I tried to get into bios, my computer wouldn't load it, so I haven't had much luck checking if it sees it or not.

I'm not a big fan of xp home, but it came installed on the computer and my wife is now used to it, so no upgrading anytime soon for me.

Any suggestions?
I really appreciate all your help!

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its a compaq presario V5000

the drive opens, i put the cd in, it closes and the light blinks for a few seconds like its reading it...then nothing happens and the excitement is over


Yes there is a patch out there that solved my similar issue, its called cdgone. Google it and you will see it, kudos to whoever wrote it


go into system -> device manager andsee if the drive is detected if its got a yelllow exclamation mark then it indicates a problem

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