Please help, for some reason its like explorer keeps restarting itself.. I was infected with a virus but I got rid of it.. It was a Trojan Dropper, I had read that it is a backdoor.. I didnt want to post in the virus/hardware forum because I don't know if this is a virus.. Please tell me what ever process it takes to stop this..

I tried the following:

Restarted more than once, both manually and by the computer option.
Scanned the computer for viruses using Kapersky.. 51 viruses. Deleted all of them.
Used Hijack this to scan and delete files.I have the log if you want to see it.
I went to regedit to see if any of the files were still there.
I did did a scan disk in normal mode.
I did a scandisk in safe mode.

As we speak, I am having this problem. Please help me.
Also, I cant go to start, run, regedit.
It says that I cant run it because it performed an illegal operation.
And that it tried to execute invalid instruction. It has a DOS window labeled 'regedit' behind the prompt window that gave me that message.

Thank you so much in advanced. I am trying to avoid reformatting. :D :)

Please help, this is really annoying and it is happening as I type this.. Please.. Someone