Hi All!

I found that my automatic updates feature was activated and to my surprise SP2 was installed on my Win XP machine. I have heard all kinds of horror stories from users warning not to update, so I was waiting until the dust settled. Unfortunately, someone turned the auto update on and now I can't get the os to load properly.

When I boot the machine, the windows logo appears and the the blue bar is scrolling. The machine just hangs at that point, so I have to use the reset to reboot and then use the LKGC option to bring up the os. I have already scanned my system with both Anti-virus/ spyware (made sure they were current as well) with negative results. I even deleted a Java-based web app because I know that MS can have issues with some Java apps. Despite this I am still having the same issue, which didn't exist prior to installation of SP2.

Have any of you run into this issue, and if so could you please recommend a solution. The MS knowledge base was of no help - big surprise :mad:

Your help would be appreciated.



If you are able to get into the system, the FIRST thing I would do is backup your data. Most people do not know how important that step is, but it is crucial to your data to get it backed up properly.

Next, if your KLGC (Known Last Good Configuration) is working, there could be a new driver (such as video or network) that is messing up the load. See if you can get into the Logs, and perhaps there it will tell you what is conflicting.

I would also turn off XP Restore. I have seen that restore too many viruses. If you make good backups, and test things regularly, you don't need that extra grief.

You can also try to re-apply the update. Perhaps that will clean up any mis-firing programs.

To be honest, I think you are on the path to a re-install.


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