I created a tasks in the task scheduler called VS2010R which opens devenv.exe on demand. I've tested it from the task scheduler and it runs fine. However, I am unable to run this task from the command window.

When I input:

C:\Users\mini>SCHTASKS /RUN /TN "VS2010R"

I get: ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified.

I have tried everything I could think of with no success. Anyone have a suggestion?

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schtasks.exe is the executable and it is finding that without issue. When I type


, it runs schtasks.exe and displays all of my tasks on the console (including VS2010R). There must be something silly I am missing.

Edit: You were right. I didn't have to enter the entire pathway, but the folder that the task is stored in worked:

schtasks /run /tn myapps\vs2010r

that did the trick. thank you

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