Ok, recently had a serious problem with windows, it was all screwed up. After awhile of trying to fix it, I decided to just reinstall windows(didnt format the disk either, just reinstalled the OS) Well, that did the trick....except for one thing. My video and sound were just......gone. I was stuck in 16 bit color at 600X400. I reinstalled the drivers and such for my video card, and got that fixed right away. But I'm STILL having trouble with the sound. I have a Compaq Deskpro model 6333, and Intergrated SoundBlaster 16/compatiable according to the compaq site. Before It got uninstalled, my playback device was an ESS Audiodrive, it didn't give me the number back then. So now I have tried everything, Used EVEREST to detect hardware......no sound card listed......no matter what device i try to install or which drivers it's just NOT picking up any form of sound playback, even when I just try and use the soundblaster ones, just not picking anything up. The only thing I can get to not have errors is "Serial Wave Device" and then I still don't have sound. I have a feeling there's something I don'y know about here, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



I'm assuming you've tried this site: http://www.esstech.com/techsupp/drivers.shtm#pci

If not, you'll see there are not very many choices so process of elimination should be quick. Too bad you're running 9x/Me, troubleshooting isn't a cakewalk.

The installation could have failed w/out notification. Meaning some or one of the installation files for the audio controllers could have failed or is/are currently corrupt. But before you go and re-install the OS again, use the system file checker utility. It won't help w/ the controller problem, but it should rule corrupt system files out of the equation.

Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information |
Select "Tools" from the menu bar | System File Checker

Me replaces System File Checker with System File Protection, which runs continuously.

@ this point w/ no solution in sight, I would re-install. This may be jumping the gun, but I despise 98/ME troubleshooting so that's what I would do. Heck, I would have done it well before fixing your video problem. Congrats on the effort!


Thanks a lot, I was glad to get a response so quickly! I'm doing what you said now, as I did try the esstech site. I figured If I didn't find a solutioon eventually I'd just reinstall, but I wanted to see if I coudl fix it myself first. If THAT doesnt work, Ill proally just buy a new sound card or something, to make things simpler. Thanks a lot!,



Did you fix your problem? I'm having similar issues with my ESS card. I get his message:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a
problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device
installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or
it may not be functioning properly.

It's as if my card doesn't exists. I've uninstalled/installed, etc.


Unofrtunately, no this didn't fix my problem. When I reinstall windows, more and more of my drivers and so called "extra" hardware isn't being installed. I think it caused by the fact that when it gets to the install enw hardware part, it freezes and I'm forced to restart, and then it just skips over it. Another thing is is since my soundcard is intergrated, it's pretty near impossible for me to detect/uninstall it after this point because it doesn't even detect that i HAVE a sound card at all. I'm not sure what I could do, but there's a so called "computer graveyard" in my city where a guy sells working parts from computers he collected(and installs them too!) very very cheap, so I may just buy a usb sound card or something for like 10$. Any final suggestions before I do this would be appreciated, but if not I guess I'll just have to buy a new one. The problem not being fixed also leads me to believe my sound card/the intergreated sound could be faulty/fried, and I'd have to buy a new one anyway. Thanks in advance,



These provide a great summary of all your hardware and chips as well as direct links to the manufacturers for driver downloads etc.

Could be a motherboard problem, rather than Windows problem, if they are not detected.

However, if they are detected with the software you may have a bad windows instillation CD. (probably why it freezes)

check that out and let me know. don't be discouraged, computer repair is sometimes hit or miss.


If your sound card is Integrated, try going into your BIOs and look for "Enable Onboard sound device" or some similar.
I had the exact problem. and "Enabling in" BIOS fixed it.

Thanks for your help. It is an integrated sound card. Please to be reminding me: What command do I give to get into the bios?

If it is a Dell, hit F2 as it starts, if an HP, hit F1 as it starts usually.
When you first hit the power on switch, watch in the upper part of the screen. Might be elsewhere. The BIOS F key is usually shown for just an instant.

Everyone sure is nice around here! I got into the BIOS, however, there is no "Enable" or "Disable" option. Only number options. It is currently set to 5, but I can change to 3 or 11, maybe 8. What does that mean?

Hey, I tried both AIDA32 AND Everest, neither showed any mention of a sound card whatsoever, and there's no enable option in BIOS either. Does this mean my Motherboard is faulty, or what? Thanks in advance,



If it's not recognized in the BIOS, then either the BIOS is not configured properly, or the board is faulty.

Let's try this. Using AIDA32...

Click Report | Quick Report - All Pages |Plain Text

Save File & upload as an attachment on your next post. I'll research your system to see what I can find.


Sorry it still no work Jasper.
When I opened the BIOS, on the opening page was a link called "options"
I opened that, and it took me to the "onboard sound" enable or disable, among other choices.
Perhaps some one else has a suggestion.


So you enabled the onboard sound in the BIOS yet, the computer does not recognize the hardware?

Have you checked the device manager?

Otherwise, considering the age of the computer (which I don't know) you may just consider it a lost cause, and go buy a cheap PCI audio card.


J Search: Thanks for the reply. The computer is 5 years old, so I think I will look for a cheap sound card, and then donate it to some worthy cause, if I can get the sound OK.