Lets start facing the truth.

I ve been using Linux for the past 2 years, since i started my Electrical Engineering and Computer Science studies in the Univercity.

Every next day, i find more and more disadvantages in windows...

Please add your comments about different OS and which one you prefer/use.

No offence, just because i m curious... :cool:

Thnx all


I like Windows because I earn a living from it, and can play Battlefield2 when I get home.

I voted for MacOS because OSX has UNIX built in, so really I'd know about UNIX and MacOS plus it will run applications I need to administer my Windows domain. Also the Apple hardware has traditionally been superior and is built to work together so you have less of the hardware issues.


I get paid to fix Windows. I come home to my Mac / Linux computers, and really enjoy them. OS X rocks. Linux is very capable too. No Billyware in the house.

Friends don't let Friends do Windows.

Yes, but is Windows only less secure natively, if you do the work, and lock it down, is it not just as good as Mac or Linux. Are there greater threats to Windows, merely because there are more targets for the attackers to target. Generally Mac and Linux users are more advanced from the average Windows buyer anyway, and less susceptible to any existant threats.

Antioed, I agree with your comment about Apple hardware, but I again feel that it is variety that lets the Windows reputation down, there is equally good equipment just as stable, it's merely harder to see it through the trash.

I think it's the unexperienced buyer who gets let down most in the OS choice, not the likes of ourselves, who are able to make to a varying degree an informed choice.