whe i just try to view any hd s system volume infomation
i get error "system volume info not accessible access denied

System restore is monitoring all drives

Ive never seen this problem before does anyone know whats going on everything on on default settings nothing changed

c:\over 12gig free d:\over 400meg free e:\over 76gig free

system restore is set at default for all drive all are monitoring

check 4 viruses norton,avg,mcaffe im clean

the system volume folder is a system folder that i belive is always in use, you shouldnt be able to access it as it contains infomation about how the drive is setup and the partition and such, messing with it would be a bad idea

sorry bout that xp pro + sp1

i need to delete previes restore points it wont let me

disk clean up more options its hold ing about c:1100mg just did clean install plus a few programs more in d: and e:

Btw i dont want to mess with i could view it all the other times not now why ?

you hsouldnt have been able to view anything in there before >.>

removing system restore is NEVER a good idea, as it is probally one of windows better features that will help you if you do manage to fux sumthing up, id suggest leaving it.

If you need to remove all previous restore points, simply turn of System Restore, then turn it back on.

Right click on My Computer, choose properties. Click on the System Restore tab. There should be a box that says "Disable System Restore". Check that, then accept any warning messages that pop up. Restart, then re-enable System restore. All previous restore points will be deleted.