When i start my computer i get an error saying Feb 17 08:10:11 Privoxy(01836) Fatal error: can't check configuration file 'config.txt': (error number 2)

Do you have any idea what this is talking about and how i can fix it?

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Hey! I have the same fatal error as you everytime i logon on windows xp... If you fixed your error, please tell me how you did it, because i'm started to get frustrated to see this fatal error everytime. Thank you!

Try running a scan for spyware on the system. Use Spybot S&D to run a scan on the system.

This is an old thread but nevertheless, here is one answer. I am using the Privoxy bundled with the EFF TOR Bundle (Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy).

When starting Privoxy, the "current directory" must be the Privoxy directory. Vidalia does not change to the Privoxy directory before trying to start it.

Either start Privoxy manually using the installed shortcut (with the Privoxy directory specified in "start in").
Start Privoxy using a batch file, changing to the Privoxy directory first.

set MY_DIRECTORY=C:\Program Files\Vidalia Bundle
start "Vidalia" /D"%MY_DIRECTORY%\Vidalia" /MIN /B vidalia.exe
cd "%MY_DIRECTORY%\Privoxy"
start "Privoxy" /D"%MY_DIRECTORY%\Privoxy" /MIN /B privoxy.exe

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