i bought one new system and tried to load win 2000 and winxp
some error is coming and it was saying that it cannot read the files from the cd and will crash.
actually for winxp when i start from cd rom it is copying some files and when it comes to some xxxx.scr it is saying it cant copy and stopping or asking me to skip the file if i skip it is crashing. where as with win2000 it is coming upt0 installing software and sometimes upto registering... and then crashing and sometimes it is crossing installing,registering but crashing when it is saving the files.
so i installed win 98 it is working fine but i want to load win 2000.
can anybody help me it is mind blowing from 2 days

It sounds like a dirty//scratched disc.. if win 98 installed partitions should be fine etc.. check your discs and make sure there shiny clean! *cough just like the one rix let me borrow*

Sorry i'm goin off topic... but I hate you cody ~_~ I let you borrow it over a YEAR ago. Jeez how long to finalize a winXP install? :(