Hi guys, I've been having a hellish time of it this week. First my case fan died, after replacing that my CPU fan died! Installed a new one and my computer wouldnt start at all...hmpph.

I took it all out and bench ran it and it started fine, and when i put it all back in it runs fine so I'm assuming something wasnt seated correctly (even after multiple checks) or possibly there was a contact on the case somewhere.

Hooray, PC boots...but it was a short celebration; once windows starts I get BSOD and reboot o.O

First one was "page error in non-paged area" and the second was "IRQ not less or equal". I can start in safe mode (with or without networking) and it sits there fine. When I start normally it BSOD's whilst the desktop is loading.

ASSUMPTION: This stuff isnt my forte, but I have come to the conclusion that this is a software issue. Since it only happens during normal startup I guessed (and hoped) that the RAM isnt to blame as iI first assumed.

Before I go through the arduous "Selective Startup" process to find the culprit, I hoped that someone better versed in this area could confirm that my train of thougth hasn't derailed :)

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Check your motherboard over for domed capacitors! If you find any then the will need to be replaced!


open the rig back up...

1) remove and then re-seat each memory stick.

2) be sure the CPU fan/heatsink are properly installed and there is a good seal there. If not, re-apply thermal paste and re-install the CPU fan.

3) remove and then re-seat the video card and any other expansion cards you may have.

4) start in safe mode and remove any applications from startup. also go into the /software/microsoft/windows/current version/run areas in the registry and remove any entires that do not need to start with windows.

5) try and reboot now.

6) be sure to update your drivers, especially chipset and video card.


Is the CPU fan running at the right speed? Just as a way to narrow it down to a certain hardware component.

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