Hello all!

I have a problem with a folder that keeps on freezing up. Whenever I'm just clicking on that folder or just highlighting it, the whole folder freezes up. I have to wait for like a minute for the freeze to be over, from there then I can access the folder. It doesnt happen if I use other programs (such as winamp) to open up the folder or acess the folder by activating the "folder button" (tree) in the explorer and use that, but if I click on the folder icon directly it freezes up. Other programs don't freeze up, just the folder. Also, when I view the task manager while the folder freezes, it shows two folders (the one that freezes up) not responding, when I only opened the folder once.

Any help? Thanx!

There's lots of folders of jpg images from comic books and manga. Maybe like 80,000 pictures totalling around 20GB. It was working fine until like yesterday. I ran scandisk to no avail.

Probably trying to generate a preview of eevry item in the folder.

jesus that's crazy. any method to stop the explorer from doing that?

what verion of windows are you using?

windows xp home edition, with the latest updates (i forgot which ones).

like roberdin said, its trying to generate a preview of all the pics you have in there, if you go to view and change it from thumbnails to icons, you should have a much easier time getting into the folder.