I run XP pro SP1 with IE6.0, I've searched the net for an answer to this problem:

I navigate to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab,
( yes I've seen help on "hidden advanced tab & registry fix's" )
The advanced tab is there, but the window under "settings" is totally blank.
The button to "reset to defaults" is there, but there are just no options.

During my search for information, I've come across "re-installing" IE using IE.INF, even a run command that verrifys windows files integrity and originality.
I've logged in as Administrator, and the same error is apparent.
I've even done a full web update.

I can't seem to fix this problem, my browser works fine, but I can not set any options.

Any help reguarding would be appreciated. Thankyou.

Hi everyone,

I'm having the same exact problem as nugget described above. I've tried everything possible, and followed a lot of different suggestions from many boards and microsoft help site etc. but the problem is still there. The browser is working fine, but the advanced tab is completely blank (nothing to check/un-check). I'm using IE 6.0 running on XP.

If anyone knows any fix to that, please let me know ASAP. Thanks in advance!

Hi lynxmc, welcome to TechTalk! :)

As a new member, I would ask you to read our posting guidelines, especially the "Post in the correct place" section. For reasons of clarity, we ask that members not post their question in a thread started by another member. When multiple questions from multiple members are being asked and answered within a single thread, it can quickly become difficult to discern exactly which answers relate ot which question.

With that in mind, I'll ask that you post your question in its own thread; once you've done I'll delete this one.

Thanks for understanding,


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