does enyone know of a way to change the icons in your favorites list in i.e 6.i want to change them fron the blue E icon.eny help would be appreciated.. oops i didnt read the post ontill after i posted here.if i could move it i would sorry about that.............

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right click on the icon and go properties /change icon ,there will be 4 to choose from ,hit browse and browse to the shell32.dll file and you will get more .also you can search the web for a Icon program to get more .


thanks caperjack.i tryed the changer programs and they didnt do what i whanted them to do.i think i didnt explain the riteway.what i want to do is the web pages that i have bookmarked i want to change the icon from the default i e icon to the icon of the site it bookmarks so if i was to change the acronis icon from the default i e icon to the site colors i have already changed the programs like acronis and others but how can i do the same with web pages....................

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