I could use some help with uninstalling Vista on my HP laptop. I would prefer to have XP installed. How do I go about it. I've searched on the net for help, but nothing has worked. When I put the XP CD in to load, the computer doesn't recognize the hard drive.

BTW, the original HD that came with this computer crashed and I had to install a new HD. I did have recovery disks and it loaded every thing just fine, but when I restart the computer, it states "OS not found." Any help is appreciated. I am not a professional, but do have some computer knowledge.

Thanks loads,

You most likely have a sata hard drive. XP sp1 or sp2 doesn't have support for sata due to the fact it didn't exist when both sp1 and sp2 were made. You will need either an XP sp3 cd or sata drivers for your laptop on a cd or flash drive for XP sp1 or 2.

Thanks Rik...
Yes, I do have a SATA HDD. Apparently I need the SATA drivers cause I do have XP sp3 CD. It doesn't recognize the hard drive either. But you pointed my nose in the right direction. Been working to find the right SATA driver and info on how to install them.

Thanks again.

Exactly what laptop do you have? I may be able to find the driver you need!

You're sweet. Thanks.

I have a HP Pavilion dv6500 Notebook PC. I am learning a great deal. My new HDD is a Seagate Momentus 320 gig

I appreciate your help!
Again, thanks.

Ric...thanks very much for your help. I couldn't load several files off the WindowsXP OEM disc after loading the drivers. XP couldn't be installed. I finally gave up and reinstalled my Vista from the Recovery Discs I made. Finally successful with that process. Took three days but persistence prevailed. Not my favorite OS and will upgrade to Windows 7 soon. At least for now, my laptop is working.