hey all, we have several public folders in outlook and if you go into any one of them that contain items, those items cannot be opened by anyone. permissions are there for those who need them. we are running windows 2000 server farm with exchange 2000. i am the owner on most folders and when i try to open anything, it gives me the following error: "can't open this item, unknown error". i can delete items and put items in there but cannot open them or move them. please help!

Are you using GFI MailEssentials?

i actually am using GFI and found that if you have VS API installed instead of the Gateway, the items in the public folders will not be accessible unless you turn off virus scanning. i just got off the phone with GFI and they had me install Gateway and everything works fine....thank you very much for responding!

Yeah it sounded like something had the files locked up since your permissions sounded ok...I don't use that app but I was looking around and saw that GFI seems to be the usual suspect for that particular error, glad you got it working.

I really like that GFI Network Scanner...can you give me your opinion on the GFI AV/Mail product? I'm currently scoping out solutions for AV, mail and security auditing for my enterprise. We already have licenses for McAfee so I was thinking about just using that to cut back on $$$ but I can pretty much use whatever I want for this - is GFI da bomb or what?

i actually havent worked much with GFI up until recently because my manager did all the configurations previously and we never really had a problem with it. but we just upgraded from V6 to V9 and so far from what i see, it's a great product for a mail and fax server which we do run both. there's a decent amount of configuration to do but that's good in the way that it forces you to really learn the software. i would recommend it.