I am using a Dell computer (model information can't get specific with for now, my mom would flip on me) running Windows 7. There appears to be an issue with the keyboard as if the left arrow key and the up arrow key are pressed down, making it impossible to scroll or type unless it is written backwards. My first thought was that it was just the keyboard, but even with the virtual keyboard the up arrow/scrolling problem is consistentt, though the left arrow problem appears to have subsided. The last, probably most suspicious, thing is that upon the computer being booted up, it repeatedly asks to choose the operating system that is to be used (Windows 7 being the only one). Also, when the keyboard is plugged in, upon bootup it types repeatedly and ceaselessly, a random letter or number that is impossible to remove without the virtual keyboard (What I mean is that it seems as if, only at the login, a particular letter/number/ is also stuck; but only on this area).

[The title is supposed to say virus, sorry]

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First you should try another keyboard, if that doesn't help, update the driver. If it still acts weird, you may have a problem...


even i was facing this problem with XP but when i formated and installed the drivers my problem was solved...
try re-installing the drivers or run a start-up recovery using ur windows7 CD.


as i think you need to recover your windows.......coz if you are reinstalling your keyboard drivers nd still facing the same prob. then just recover the windows......

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