Hi everyone,

Have a strange problem with my dual boot.

Vista and XP are both on the same hard drive. Vista is partition C: and XP is partition F:

Vista was installed first, then I added XP. Used easyBCD to create a bootloader allowing me to choose which OS to log in to.
Worked fine for a few days, then yesterday got an \NTLDR error when booting XP (but Vista starts up fine). Couldn't get that fixed no matter what I tried, so I went to repair disk and got that problem fixed.
Repair disk made XP the default bootloader, so had to repeat process in easyBCD to get things back the way they were. So tried to log back into XP, and now I keep getting a ntoskrnl.exe error. Again, couldnt fix that so I just said the heck with it and hoped a clean install would clear this mess up.


Basically what is happening is that every time I repair/install XP, the install/repair sets XP as default bootloader and I cant get into Vista unless I run repair on that too. Once Vista is default bootloader, when I select XP as the OS to login to, I get the \NTLDR or \ntoskrnl error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I need XP to work badly (use it as workstation for my business)

Thank you very much for any help.

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