hi all, im a newbie admin here at work... i'm planning to setup a win2003 server. primarily a file server + a domain server... i have no idea on what to do, can anybody here help me or at least give me some pointers on how to start it... is win2003 server good? have you any other alternative, i want to stay on the windows platform. my boss doesn't have any idea on linux OS, and she doesnt want me using it as the OS for the server... as of what i understand, OS doesn't matter much, as long as you know how to handle what you're using there won't be any problem on security... please correct me if i'm wrong...

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Well, if you're trying to setup Active Directory, Windows will be required. Server 2003 comes with some wizards to help you implement what you need, I can't speak for 2000.

I'll be using an old computer, p4 1.2G. but im only wanting it to be mainly a file server. do i still need a software for it?

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