Good day/evening/morning to any of you that reads this :)

My problem is actually quite simple and i did believe i'll find an easy google answer for it, but as you can deduce, I did not.

I had to change screens a few days ago because of an unfortunate crash (actual hardware crash :p). So i threw away my screen that worked with a resolution of 1280x720 and bought a new one that works on a 1280x1024 basis.
But now the problem is each time i try to boot, i get up to the windows loading screen, but as soon as it reaches the user selection, my screens stays black and displays an error message (that's not in english, but that basically means that the resolution isn't supported by the screen).

Now i need to find a way to change that resolution so i'll be able to boot the PC.
My first reaction was to boot in safe mode, which worked perfectly, and change the resolution there. I tried every resolution that works in safe mode, but for some reason it won't apply to the normal mode. Then, i opened the BIOS while booting to restore factory settings, hoping it might set it back to a good old 800x600 and that from there on, i would be able to change it manually since it would be booted. But none of these option worked.

It might be because I can't find the right key words, but on google, i just found posts that explains how to change your screen resolution from the desktop. And as you can guess this is not of any help to me since i can't even access the desktop.

I really hope there is some very simple manipulation that I just didn't think about (or didn't know about) that would solve my problem.

Thanks in advance, even if nothing is to be done :)


quick edit to specify, my exploitation system is windows XP.

hi ,i would try uninstalling my video drivers in safe mode then boot to regular mode ,and of course then you will be prompt to reinstall the drivers ,i think it should get you in anyway to where you may be able to set the res lower

And that worked :)
Thanks a huge lot caperjack =)


your welcome ,you can mark post as solved ,and add to my reputation if you wish