Having a major problem with a computer.
It began for about a month ago, it started doing minor freezes
for 1-2seconds, mostly in games at that time.
But a few days it took a turn to the worse and began freezing up
in windows whenever I tried to open something (or basically do anything).
It freezes for 1-2seconds and then it runs again.
And running two programs at once result in the computer
acting like a 486. Ie, very sloooooow.
I've done a complete reinstall of Windows XP & cleaned the hd 100%.
Even if I don't install any drivers for gfx and such it still freezes.
(Yes, I've tried with all the newest drivers and windows update).
The processor isn't overloaded, it can be on like 4% and this still happens.
Memory isn't fully used either.

Computer specs:
845pe chipset s478/533mhz motherboard.
512mb pc2700 DDR ram
Geforce FX5200 120mb DDR
120gb IDE 7200rpm HD (8mb cache)
P4 2,4ghx pc533 processor
and some other junk.

At first I thought it was something wrong with the Harddrive, so
I've done scandisk on it, defragged it and everything, but without
any result.

Some games require programs like java,macromedia, etc...well i know you know that but, updating them seems to help some. Also, minimizing the screen cuts down the lag on most games. Your internet connection has alot to do with it too. If you have broadband,dsl,cable,t1 then thats not a probablem, having dial up can slow down games up to 600% slower then broadband.

disable you AntiViris program [if you use one ]and see what happens when try the things that make it freeze for 1-2 seconds .

i've had that problem my computer did the same i did some reasearch and found out that when you via or nforce chips get hot they will do that you need to cool it down go to the computer store and get a chipset fan and put it on and it work for me i hope this helps