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Eirik Petersen

I have a Compaq Bundle unit, 5103CL. Came with ME installed, no cd.
Got the upgrade to XP cd from MS. Used it. Reformatted the 40 GIG hard drive to acquire the additional space. This eliminated all the FAT32 in everything ME!
Now I want to copy everything to a second Seagate 40GIG derive as a backup. Tried to copy/paste and the system hangs when it encounters a running program. Tried the diskcopy comand from Start/Run . This seemed to work untill I attempted to boot from the new drive and "no OS present on system" came up on a black screen.
SO how do I copy all the info to a new drive, and have all files load as "C" drive on the new drive, and not "D" as the diskcopy function does.

eh your best bet wouldnt be to try to "copy" everything over. youd probally want to buy or aquire a 3rd party software to make fully bootable backups such as norton ghost

I have added both Western Digital and Maxtor drives to my HP. Both mfg's included software to copy info from old to new drive. Worked great for me to maintain a BU system drive. I don't pirate, but I do tend to tinker a bit too much, so a backup is almost a necessity.

Also, Norton Ghost has always been my regular tool for creating backup's of both my data and system drives.

After I finally started reading the tech dox with the software, I figgered out what was causing all the grief when I tried to boot after using. Ya gotsta disconnect oner or t'other of the system drives.

Knock on wood... never had a bad clone yet!