i don't know if there is something wrong with my bios but i have updated it many times and it says it's the latest version.

once, i opened virtual box trying to install a new os on a new vm but it said to me that my processor doesn't support hardware accelerating and virtualization but i used VirtualBox a couple of times before and it didn't say to me anything like that before.

i downloaded an application to see if my processor supports virtualisation and it was written that it supports it but it's disabled from bios and i should enable it.

i restarted my pc and opened bios and there was not anything like that i searched alot but there was not, and i now really want to enable virtualisation but i can't. help please and thank in advanced.

If it is not in any of the main categories of BIOS settings, make sure you check the "advanced" category. I believe I remember reading somewhere that some BIOS leave virtualization turned on by default and do not have the option to disable it.(I can't confirm that, though). Probably the best place to look is the website of your BIOS manufacturer.