Hi everyone, this is also my introductory post to this site, so my name is bill, and I am not what people call a computer Guru. I can make my way around things, but there are many far better then I.

I have a problem with my Display/Monitor/Graphics Card. Not sure which is the problem, so I will attempt to explain it as best I can.

When moving my mouse around the screen everything works fine. Until I hit the left side, then the mouse goes off screen. I can still click, and drag and a box will appear from that side of the screen, and it seems to go in that direction quite a bit.

Usually, this would not be an issue, however when playing some of my games, if i move the mouse to the left side and click, it minamizes the game and goes right to the desktop. This can get very annoying. It should be pointed out, thus far the only two games it has done it with are Age of Mythology, and Never Winter Nights Plat Edition.

I have tried to change the settings on the monitor, the settings with my video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6200) and my computer has the following: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.60GHz 2591MHz, DirectX 9.0 and Windows XP Service pack 3. (whatever that means).

So if there are any suggestions of some help on how to get that to stop happening, I would be most appreciative :) Thanks for reading, and hope to talk to you soon.


It seems like one of 2 things. First thing i would check is the controls physically on the moniter. There is usually a menu button, scroll wheel, arrows ect somewhere on the moniter. When you press menu or whatever the its named a menu should pop up on your screen with lots of options to play around with. Find the one for the horizontal position/ horizontal scaling and change the settings to see if that helps. Or try the auto-adjust option or revert to defaults if there is one.

Second guess is maybe you have extended your desktop to a different display? Under display properties does it show 2 moniters at all?

I did try checking that. I thought I had turned them off, however it still does it. Also fiddled with the monitor controls.. when I move, the screen moves and blackness arives on that part of the screen, and still go off the edge of it.

Ill try again, though, I might be doing it wrong, cause I have no idea how to do the whole dual monitor thing.

Yay, I think it stopped now :) There was another moitor taht it was saying to use as an extended monitor. Dont know why, but thank you for your help in this matter :)