Hi I switched on my dell computer this morning but the power button stays orange and i cant boot up. The drive is running so are the fans but nothing happens. I dont know if its stuck in sleep mode or hibernation, but i just cant boot up. Anyone any ideas on whats going on, i reall need the help


ps I cleaned the inside of the computer and resat the ram modules.

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Ok, have a look to see if there are 4 diagnostics lights on the back panel (not sure if that model had them or not). If it has them, let me know what they do, what colour they light, and what order the colours are!


there are no lights on the back panel when i switch the computer on i hear the fans turning and the power light in the front stays amber i dont hear any post beeps either


You will have to take it to a repair shop then! I suspect that you have either a power supply unit fault or a motherboard fault.

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