I normally backup to a memory stick but from time to time I backup onto my hard drive. Recently I have got a message that the 'Backup disk is out of space' ie the C drive. As I have over 50% free it seems an unlikely message.
No problem with any external storage.
Any thoughts please.

Running Windows XP

For grins, did you try changing the location on your C drive for the backup?

Also, while you will want a backup first (chicken and egg here), when did you last run the maintenance utilities on the database? This is to make sure it is correctly reporting the size during the backup process.

Sorry for the delay in geting back to you. Been away.

Created new folders on C drive. Works ok now. Thanks

What utilities do you mean?

Intuit changed the location of them and I don't have a copy of Quicken 98 for reference so I'm going to punt here. You might look in the help menu for "database repair" or "index repair", or "compress database". Any of them would do the same thing. I would look first under the file menu near the manual backup area.

I found 'Validate' under 'File Operations'. Selected the appropriate QDF file and it came back clean.

Yup -- that's one of terms that was used. It means the indexing and size was confirmed.

Have you checked on your machine to see how many Quicken backups are on your machine? It is possible it found a maximum number of backups in the previous file location. It is safe to cull the number you save if you are confident of the current database ... and it has the advantage of giving you additional hard drive space. I don't recall if that was a problem with the 98 edition, but I do remember it sometimes caused a problem with 2004, not allowing additional backups until the oldest ones were deleted. It is at least something worth looking at.

Thanks for the suggestion but creating 3 new folders seems to have solved the problem.

I also renamed the original 3 folders from Backup1(2)(3) to xBackup1(2)(3). Oddly, I can now backup to them without the problem.

But as I said. I normally backup to a memory stick.

Thanks for your help.