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heres a goodie for you. Client aksed me to remove XP Antivirus 2008, the fraudulent download. Ran my Malwarebytes and Spybot and all was cleared, hooray we say. Before the notebook was given to me the client installed Kaspersky to clear the issue, which obviously did not work. After I cleared the spyware etc the pc was still slow and non responsive so I wanted to repair the install - here is where we hit a snag - cmos is password protected, client did not do this - he inherited it from someone who worked for a company that did this, that person does not work for that company anymore and no one knows the password, I have tried the backdoor passwords nothing helps. Now Kaspersky has generated a BSOD!!!! Cant boot windows, cant change boot order to repair - anyone got any ideas?

Thanks guys

Hi DragonFire

You didnt mention you getting physical on the laptop. I think its time tp shift gears and open the laptop to remove the cmos battery for 45 min to clear the BIOS(password included).

You can do this if you're comfortable with lappies and pc's

That usually does the trick for quite a number of BIOS issues.
This site might also give you some greater insight and more leads

As for the laptop being slow you might want to try registry mechanic or any other trust worthy registry repairer. Usually after removing malware its most likely to have a negative effect on you're registry.

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cmos battery is used for storing passwords of bios just remove cmos battery permanently reboot the system and install xp os

if any doubts you can put private message to me



Thanks guys, sorry I shoulda mentioned I removed the cmos as well as main battery for about 2 hours - that did not work either, tried to reset using the switch/jumper settings, that did not work either. I am not hassled about the speed coz I was going to repair/reinstall windows to fix the hang/speed issue but alas cant because of the cmos lock down.

this is problem of your motherboard just check the motherboard with any hardware vendor

I am going to close this thread because I have tried all I can, I cant even run a crack because I cant change the boot order. The advice I have had I have already tried, I was hopeing for a bit of inspiration but it looks like the client is going to buy a new laptop anyway and then I will piggyback the drive and get his info off it.
Thanks anyway guys

There are CMOS password removal guide that may helps.
The guide comes with major Bios manufacturer master passwords and hope that helps!

For the xp system, I would suggest format and reinstall the xp.
To backup the data before formatting, use the lapotp HDD on a desktop system or USB HDD case may help.

Merry Christmas!

Thats the whole point - I cant access the cmos - I cant change boot order I cant do anything hence the questions - If I could do what you all suggested I wouldnt have opened the thread. Backing up data etc is NOT the issue.

Thanks anyway