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Just a few days ago, I am unable to launch weblinks from in my email or any website. Once I click on a link, the program freezes for about 1 minute and then releases itself. It use to always open the site in another browser window. Now I have to copy the link and paste it in the address bar. I do not have any virus or adware causing the problem and the registry check has been ok. It seems like an Explorer issue. The dll's don't register when I do a run on regsvr32. Also, I tried to download IE6.0, I have 5.5. Upon setup, the program crashes and tells me to start again. I do and the same results happen. I can't find a solution. Any help out there. Not being able to click on a link and open it is frustrating.


see if you can work with the links with firefox as your default browser. it might be that IE is getting confused when it checks to see if you've already been to a page or not, i'm not sure, but if you have this exact problem with firefox, test it further by setting your cache size to '0' and your history to '0', then clear both, and try it again.

if it doesn't work, i guess we'll go from there.

I was having a similar problem on AOL not to long ago, I deleted my browser cauche and it helped, but if your not using aol maybe a different route should be used