I recently bought Windows XP and installed MSN Messenger. The problem is that when I start up, the Messenger window pops up with my online contacts but then reverts to sign in screen and a message at the bottom right of my monitor says " You have signed in to Messenger on another computer. Click here to sign in again" What can I do please to avoid this happening?

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Have you uninstalled the version that comes with XP? It may be automatically signing you in when you start windows.

Thanks crunchie. I tried to uninstall all previous messenger files and reinstalled but it is still happening. Am I missing something?

did you sign in on a friends comput and forget to sign out

No, have not done that so that cannot be the problem

could a mate of yours be messing about with your .NET passport??

Had another thought on this. Windows XP comes with Windows Messenger as opposed to MSN Messenger...it is possible they are conflicting? I want to keep MSN Messenger as it has more features...photos, games, etc. When I come out of Outlook Express, it seems that is when I get the message that I have to sign in again to Messenger as I am already signed in in another computer. I cannot remove Windows Messenger without messing up Outlook Express and Internet Explorer, as far as I can see. Any ideas, please?

Are you running with a firewall? A friend of mine had serious problems with Noron's jobbie, but has had no problems at all with the download available from http://www.my-etrust.com/microsoft/ might be worth a try

uninstall msn messenger, then go to hotmail and change your password, then reboot, and see if anyhting logs you in, (i take it you assosiated your msn account with your windows account) now reinstall it and hope it works, make sure your msn password is different to your windows one.

hope it helps

Either what suRoot suggested or simply edit your configuration to NOT sign in automatically from the version previously installed. You cannot delete Windows Messenger. The only way to deal with it is avoiding automatic sign in.

in outlook express under tools make sure you have the automatically log on to windows messenger unticked and start up windows messenger and untick auto run messenger when windows starts and untick auto sign in and then if you are signed into msn messenger you shouldnt have any probs

Thanks...I am trying that now...making sure I do not log in automatically to Windows Messenger when I go online.

Thanks for all the advice...I used bits of each one and seem to have solved the problem! Then I realized it is all there is "Help" of MSN Messenger as below:

"Windows XP comes with Windows Messenger, which remains available even after MSN Messenger is installed on your computer. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger can run at the same time, but only one will start automatically. You can start the other program from your list of programs (in Windows, click the Start button, point to All Programs, and then click the program you want to start).
  • In most cases, MSN Messenger will start automatically whenever you start Windows, unless you turn off this setting in your MSN Messenger options. However, if you have set up Windows Messenger for corporate instant messaging and to start automatically when you start Windows, then it will continue in this manner and MSN Messenger will not start automatically.
  • You can be signed in to both MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger at the same time, but not with the same Microsoft .NET Passport account. For instance, you can sign in to MSN Messenger with your Passport and then sign in to Windows Messenger with a different Passport account or with your corporate instant messaging account.
  • When both programs are running, you will see icons for each in your Windows taskbar (near your computer's clock). You can tell them apart by pointing to them with your mouse. When you point to an icon, a message appears telling you which program it is.
  • If you are signed in to one Messenger program with your Passport and then sign in to the other one using the same account, you will be automatically signed out of the first program.
  • Only Windows Messenger can connect to the Communications Service and Exchange Instant Messaging, which are used only in corporations.
  • Some programs, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Remote Assistance, connect to Windows Messenger by default. When you are signed in to MSN Messenger, you may appear offline to people who connect to these programs and have you listed as a contact. "

Now I am trying to copy my contacts from one Hotmail account to the new one. Any ideas on this? Probably very easy but it does not come to me!

i am new to this so bear with me please.
My friend's has a strange problem wth MSN Messenger.
She is in Bangalore and has 2 ISPs Reliance and TataIndicom/VSNL.

Using Reliance she IS ABLE to log onto MSN Mesenger (this one connects using a LG 350E FWT phone with a built in modem).

But she IS UNABLE to connect using an ADSL broadband provided by TataIndicom.
I had to remove a whole lot of spyware because some ISP engineer had turned off all the firewalls while trying.

Windows Messenger works fine with both ISPs. It is only a problem with MSN Messenger. It is unable to connect. The Test Connection checks out fine. But Proxy test does not work which i think is ok as she is not using any proxy server.

I will try with a different router (she has a XAVI Technologies X7721r router given by TataIndicom).

Could there be a problem with the ISP ?

any help is appreciated.


hello everybody.i am new in this site.this problem its really annoing me.when I press sign in it takes a few seconds and then it shows to me this window:"a newer version of messenger is avaible now.do you want to download it now?".either downloading it either not its the same cause my msn hasn't opened yet.please can anyone help me?thanks a lot bye everebody

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