I recently got an entirely new DIY PC kit. It had no OS installed so I used my existing hard drive (IDE) to load the OS on, since it already had it. And have a brand new larger hard drive (SATA) I will use for storage. Would not start up right away but I have a factory XP Pro disc and ran a repair and everything seemed to be fine. It recognized printer and pci devices right away no problem...at first glance.

My sata drive is being recognized in the BIOS menu but not in Windows. Figured it was an update issue so I went to Windows Update via Control Panel and installed those. Again...seemed to be no problem.

After the updates installed the "must restart" message came up so I restarted computer. This is where problem occurs...It will not boot past the "Windows is Starting Up" screen (Blue graphic just before Welcome screen).

After waiting about 5 minutes I hit the reset button to start over. I go into the boot menu and just to be extra specific I tell it to boot from the hard disk, just in case it didn't already know to do so. Same results. I hit reset again and this time go into the BIOS menu and select "Load optimal settings", save it, and start over...nothing.

I think it needs to be said that fighting with it for several hours last night and and about 90 minutes this morning that it is not doing this every time. It will try and fail on its own without me doing anything and about avery 6th to 9th fail it will then start fine. I go in, do a few things hit restart...and we're back to WTF.

Also, I noticed in the initial boot screen (Black with Mobo info just before Windows splash screen) it lists my drives:

Channel 0 master: IDE hard drive (Forgive me for not typing the exact wording but you get my point)
Channel 0 slave: DVD/CD Drive ??? is that correct
Channel 1 master: none
Channel 1 slave: SATA hard drive

I have rebooted PC's and installed windows several times, this was my first time building from scratch...i was really stoked about how simple the hardware aspect seemed to be but I am having nothing but trouble with loading the OS and getting it all functioning properly.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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You need to do a fresh install of XP. You have completely different hardware now and it wont have the correct drivers. If your XP cd is SP1 or SP2 then you will have to install to the old IDE hard drive unless you have the SATA driver for your new motherboard on CD.


Depend on what motherboard you're having. It seem some motherboard do not support Window XP SP1 and SP2 because it is end of life since last year. But Window XP SP3 is still around until 2014. Why not get a copy of Window 7 if you can and see how it goes. By the way, have you install the motherboard drivers before doing a Window update?

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