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My computer keeps popping up random warning about microsoft office outlook "MAPI32.DLL is corrupt," and randomly opening up an unknown file in Windows media player. This happens whether or not I am running explorer, firefox, or neither.

Kaspersky cannot detect any issues, even after I upgraded to the 2011 version.

Has anyone heard of something like this? Any thoughts on how I can remove it or protect my computer?

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there is a slight possibilty that it may be a virus....the best way is always to clean up your registries and cookies after your done surfing the net..i have a software which is suitable for this....CCLEANER...here is the link>>> www.brothersoft.com search there.......CCLEANER really helps removing unecessary files..


Don't use CCleaner right away. Run your antivirus in Safe Mode with the highest settings. Then, run Super AntiSpyware (you can get that at filehippo.com) at the highest settings. If no malware turns up, then use CCleaner. You might have to go back to your Last Good Configuration if possible.

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