One of my users computers, a laptop running windows XP, began acting up over the weekend. The system will boot into safe mode only. It will not boot into safe mode with command prompt, last known good config, etc.

Whenever i boot into safe mode it gives obvious windows file corrupts and suggests running check disk which i wanted to do in the first place. The problem is, whenever i run the chkdsk utility (chkdsk c: /F /R) it of course asks to schedule at the next reboot.

Whenever i boot into save mode, it skips the check disk and the system will not boot far enough into any other setting to run the check disk utility.

does anyone have any suggestions that could help me with this? thanks.

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In a situation like that, I usually remove the drive then scan it with another computer via a USB adapter!


Or you can get Hirens boot cd, and boot to mini XP with proper tools available - then you don't need to reboot, since the hdd isn't used by the system :)


Just check your system privileges,with this user you want login this user may have not permission of this command,Login with admin authority then try.

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