i'm new here, so just quick, my name is lori, i know the very basics of a computer, my husband is so computer illiterate it's scary! lol
anyway, we bought a system mechanic program for our desktop (vista) we removed all firewalls, vipre etc like we are supposed to. when inserting the cd to download a box pops up and says download/setup problem (windows has a problem) and then stops everything.

there are 2 users, myself and my husband. about a month or so ago, while on my side, it froze up and i restarted in 'safe' mode. after that, when i go on my side, it opens up nothing. i've lost all my music, all my pictures everything. i've tried to restart in normal mode but nothing.

while on HIS side while he's playing games or whatever, it freezes and then restarts. but he is able to be on his side. so we are trying to fix it and now the system mechanic won't load at all. either automatically or manually!


Here's quickly. I could go on forever because I cannot see your computer. I hope when you said you removed your firewall antivirus etc that 1. it was not a windows program ? 2. all you did was disable it. Don't panic, if one of you can access the files then they are not lost unless you have panicked and fiddled more than you should.
Firstly,start up in your husbands user account and then go to C:\Windows\Users\Yourname(not his)See if you can open it first. If you can, good. I would save everything in your Users account befor proceeding. If not, right click, open properties and open security tab.Check top box and see if Administrators(computername\Administrators) is listed. if yes make sure all the boxes are ticked against allow below. if not ticked press edit and tick them all,press OK. Now press advanced, click owner tab, see who is owner. If anything beside administrators or your husbands name, click edit,if you do not see your husbands name or administrators click other users or groups,click advanced,click find now and navigate to your husbands name or administrators computername, highlight,click OK, click OK again. Highlight one of the names picked and click OK again. THis will tell you who is now the owner, click OK again. Go to edit again, then add and go through all I said befor adding the names of Administrators and your husbands, you also if its there. Make sure all the allow boxes are ticked.Click yourself all the way out. Go back to your users account and now open and save. Now if you can still go into you account using safe mnode do so and see if you can use system restore. Start menu-computer right click -properties. When open click on system protection. open system restore, follow the prompts. Pick a restore date if there are any and away you go. Just in case this won't work,startup in your husbands account and create a new user account calling it whatever you like but not your orig user name. Make sure it is an administrators account. Startup in that account and transfer all your saved files to your new account just as you see them. All will be as befor. PLEASE turn on your firewall etc. and forget about running outside system mucking around with programs unless you really know what you are doing. They only have to delete one file and bingo. There is every possibility it's just that a service has been turned off but I can't see and it looks like your ntuserdat file has been corrupted. Hope this is of some help. Good Luck