i was installing some software when my laptop rebooted to this message

stop :c000021a fatal system error
the windows logon process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000135 the system has been shut down

ive tried restarting in safe mode but i get the same message

can anyone help

many thanks

What did you install?

i was installing mgi photo suite when it crashed can't even get it in safe mode

This error normally occurs when something went wrong with installing SP2. Perhaps the program you installed used some old config.
Anyway, to solve the problem you'll have to repair windows with the XP cd.

[edit] Found something else, you could try it [/edit]

sp2 was already installed , so it has to be mgi photo suite that i was installing . don't have a xp disk as windows xp was already installed on my lap top , ive been told that i can recover the system but ill lose all data , which includes all family photos (yes i know i should of back them up ) currently pricing up data retreivale before i recover the system and lose everything

You can use Puppylinux or Knoppix to salvage your files before recovering. And recovering != Formatting