I had two copies of windows XP Pro running one on drive C: and another on drive D: I was not using the one on drive C: so I stupidly formatted drive C:.

Naturally I lost my boot loader and needed to reinstall windows to get access to my drive D: windows, I edited the boot ini text to start only the drive D: wiondows and want to delete the drive C: windows and use it for a back up drive.

Can I,

1. Move windows XP Pro SP3 from the 40GB drive D: to the 40GB drive C; without any problems?

2. delete all of windows except the boot files, and if so, what files do I need to keep and how do I store them on C:?

3. Use partition magic to make just one drive, even though windows was loded to drive D: and every call would be for drive D: and not C:? Then make a new partition D: as my back up partition?

Or what do you suggest to fix this without fully updating and setting up all the programs on the new windows on the now drive C:.

Any help would be appriciated.

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Depending on the type of hard drives involved and how they are configured there are easier ways. Windows simply uses the order the drives are referenced by the BIOS or the boot order they are configured for by the BIOS to determine which drive is C: and Which is D:.

Since you referenced a 40GB HD I am willing to bet they are 40 pin ribbon cable PATA (or IDE) hard drives. Standard BIOS setup for the system will give you a Primary and Secondary IDE Controller with two drives on each. The BIOS looks for Actual HArd drives and puts them first then CD ROM etc. If your system is like this and the drives are set for cable select simply swap positions and the system will swap drive letters. IF you drives are configured as Master and Slave on the cable then you will need to change jumpers to make your old D: the MAster and theirfore C: instead.

Hope that helps.

If you don't have any data file just format and re install Window on C:\ and format the D:\ later. Unless you want to physical move the D:\ hard disk and change it to master and the other to slave and set the BIOS to boot priority. Either way will work but depend on your technical expertise.

i think its problem of OS installation if you as mention in the Question C and D Drive partition ist one is the C Drive then D drive and you are using most of the time D drive and you forget about C drive. C drive is a like base drive and D drive is copy on the C drive that is main problem happened after formatted should format whole system and reinstall OS

In this situation you don't need to move data from D: drive to C: drive ,Just install fresh Windows Xp in C: drive,select without format option when installation,This steps save your all data in C: drive.

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