Recently re-installed Windows 7 to solve an older issue.

After re-installing 90% of all my other apps, I notice that two programs show their icon as "generic".

The applications are Mozilla Firefox and Advanced Uninstaller Pro.
I contact the folks at Advanced Uninstaller Pro and they told me it was an issue with my Windows Icon Cache.....whatever that means. All other apps show ok and work fine.

How do I resolve this annoying problems?

Although it has no great impact, I fear that there may be other things that are not set up quite right.

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are you referring to desktop icons or start menu icons ,or both .
if its desktop icons try deleting them ,and then going to start ,all program and right click on icons of concern and chose send to and sent to desktop as a shortcut .might fix it might not


Actually both Desktop (shortcuts) and start menu icons appear to be generic in these two apps.

Thanks for the advise. Tried that no luck. They still both appear as "generic"

I also tried re-installing both apps. Still no go.


OK. That did it. Start Icons are fixed. Shortcuts on teh desktop are not....but that's not a big deal. I just deleted the old short cuts and created new ones.

Thank you caperjack.


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