This problem has got me stumped. Help please.

I had a single 512 MB RAM DIMM on my A7N8X MOBO and was running Win XP Pro flawlessly. I decided to put in 2 -256 MB matched DIMMs to use the dual-channel memory feature. POST went OK then things started to crap out. Here is some of what I saw and what I did.

1. After installing the matched set, Windows says that the system.ini file is corrupt or missing and cannot start. I replaced the matched set with the original 512 DIMM and everything is OK.

2. I installed 1 of the matched set 256 DIMMS and everything is still OK. Windows opens, etc.

3. I put the other matched set DIMM in and I'm back to the corrupt ini file and no windows again.

4. I switched the two DIMMs around on the MOBO (1-3 slots, 2-3 slots) reversed the pair, etc., etc. all with no windows start.

Any ideas? I though that BIOS took care of memory and cannot figure out what's wrong. HELP PLEASE...

bad memory would be the only thing i could think of of since the owners manual for your motherboard says if you want to utilize the dual-channel feature, to use banks 1&3, 2&3 or 1,2&3. run memtest found at the link i posted below.