I have a Dell Pentuim 4 with 512mb Ram which i use every day , i have had the laptop for around 2/3 years now but in the last 3 months when ever i am doing certain tasks it just shuts off , it doesnt crash it simply shuts off

The problem is when i am working the PC hard with multiple programs running , i have run a virus scan with Sophos and it has come back clean

I am wondering if it is software related or maybe the CPU is overheating

Any ideas?



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Sounds like overheating to me. My laptop did this to me, but a good cleaning addressed the problem quite nicely. Take a can of air and thoroughly blow out all the intake and exhaust ports.


I have the same problem, It just shuts off mid task. I had a alcra w32 virus but it has been cleaned for a little while. I am having trouble with norton it runs clean but sometimes it crashes durring the scan process. I do tend to leave it on like 24 hrs a day. I am going to try to try to clean it out with a can of air. I have noticed that it was getting kind of hot. Is there anything else that could cause this problem:?:
I have an acer aspire 5000 laptop. with a AMD turion 64 processor and I am running xp PRO. :twisted: Could this be a problem with the 64 bi processor?

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