xxxxxxxxx ;) Having trouble getting netflix and ebay to take me to the next screen after signing in. I have XP installed. I installed my XP copy on another computer and am able to get these sites to work. I did have sp2 installed on my computer but have uninstalled it. Want to join netflix but can't get past the first screen even after diabling firewall and norton anti. Both browsers are set to accept all cookies and my security is at medium. Thanks for any help.

That's a strange problem, considering that you enabled all cookies. Perhaps adding each required cookie manually will do it. Try this:

Open your Internet Explorer options, and navigate to the Privacy tab. At the bottom, click the Edit... button. In here, add the domain of the sites you are trying to access one by one, clicking "Allow" to instruct IE to allow that cookie regardless of whatever other settings there are. For instance, add "" (or and "" or whatever it is :D

Another thing to try is to add the sites to which you need access to the Trusted Zone in the security settings. Open your IE options, click the security tab, single-click on the Trusted Sites zone and then click the "Sites..." button. If you need to, uncheck the "Require server verification" thingy. Then just add the sites that you trust and need to log into.

While you're at it, delete your IE cahe, which can sometimes solve some problems. To do this, go back to the General tab in your IE options. Click "Delete Files..." in the middle, and then check the little box that appears before clicking OK. Perhaps deleting the cookies on your computer will help too, but that means you'll have to re-login to those sites that you opted to remember your login info each time you return to the site. To delete the cookies, simply click the button which has "Delete Cookies..." on it ;)

That's pretty much me all out of ideas hehehehehe

Good luck!