Hey guys,
I am on XP pro, my computer starts up fine, loads in to xp fine, I select my user, and then it loads my desktop, now this is where i have some problems. My desktop shows up, just all my programs that normally start up, dont start except for like 2 that dont work, and i am unable to get anything on my desktop to work. This sound familiar to anyone? I am not quite sure how to do a system restore from ctrl alt del or Windows Task Manager. And I'm not sure how to get to safe mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Well I don't know the solution to your problem, but I can help with your queries.

To enter safe mode, turn on the machine, (can't be accessed from restart), and press F8 repeatedly, throughout the POST (PowerOn Self Test - the white text on black background, that lists various processes before the Windows logo appears).

This will then load a menu, at the top of which is Safe mode, (with optional extras like network support).

To do a system restore, press F1 on the desktop for help, (or select from start menu if there), search for

Run System Restore

and the option to run the wizard is available for you.

I just figured out that even when i'm in safe mode my desktop will not work, only thing that will work in desktop is my Task Manager, and when i set it back to a previous date it still doesnt work, I'm not quite sure what the hell is wrong with this, could it be possible hardware problems, if anyone has any input plz let me know, thanks.


Try one of two:

1. With the Windows CD, boot the computer into the Windows Setup and choose "R" to arrive at the recovery console. Once there, type: sfc /scannow.

2. Again, you'll need the Windows CD...From the task manager, click the Applications tab. Click New Task..., then type: cmd.exe, and then type: sfc /scannow.

Hope this helps.