When a program doesn't let me uninstall it, what do i do? it won't let me repair the installation either, no system restore, it's nokia pc suite

Try reinstalling the program and then do the uninstall. If that doesnt work then try installing it again and doing the Add/Remove Programs. If that doesn't work then you'll have to manually uninstall it by deleting the actual files (Ex. C:Programs/Nokia...) Hope that helps

Tried reinstalling it i'm gonna have to do a diagnostic startup i think or safe mode whatever lol

Won't let me delete the actual files

Try downloading a program that will get rid of the files for you. Like "Tenebril Uninstaller" or something like that. You can probably download one off the internet for free. I haven't done this but it seems like the best option

Are you sure that you haven't filled your primary partition (c:\).

Just a thought, but if that happens, then the program can't commit enough virtual memory to the unistallation job.

oh i buggered it and deleted the partition, reinstalled XP Pro, thanks for your help though, that tenebril thing worked also but it was only on a trial

Well Tarnished, you didn't provide the reason why it didn't uninstall or any error it gave..Anyways good its sorted now.