My windows operating system is not working properly. It's taking too much time to start. Sometime, after starting, internet connection isn't being connected. After restarting PC it connects. Sometimes, after starting PC, a message shows that the windows wasn't shut down properly. Then some options come i.e. "Start windows normally" and so on. After pressing 'Enter' it starts. Why all these occurring?
Please give me the solution.

As my PC is taking too much time for getting started, it has now also taking a long time to shut down as well. It’s quite annoying to watch “windows is shutting down” for a long time. Whats the problem with my PC? Any help will be useful for me.

And I’m having a problem with my pen drive too. It is, sometimes when I try to bring out my Pen drive manually (by clicking on the icon and then by clicking on “eject the device”), it says that this device cann’t be removed, it is using by the system… etc.
So, I’m wondering why this is occurring? Any solution? Thanks in advance.

N.B. I use Windows-7 as Operating System, Mozilla Firefox as browser and Panda Cloud Antivirus as antivirus.

Have you update and scan for virus, malware or spyware. Try other anti virus software like Avira or AVG. Only install 1 anti virus in your computer.

What antimalware software do you have? Panda is antivirus only, it's not antimalware. If you don't have antimalware then you are most likely infected and that may well be causing your problems!