Hi all,
I'm starting a new job soon and I'm going to be using my laptop there for a while until they get me my own system. I've set up a new user account called "Work" on my machine, but I'm not very well-versed with configuring user settings. What I'd like to do is remove all folders with programs/files I don't want to access with the Work account. I know that using parental controls I can block certain programs, but they will still show up in the start menu or windows explorer, they'll just say Access Denied if I try to open them. I want to be rid of them completely on this account, if that's even possible. Can I delete/uninstall programs on the Work profile without it removing them on my regular profile (where they were originally installed)? Is there a way to delete folders on this account without removing them on my main account?

If these options aren't possible, I was thinking of just hiding the folders I don't want available. Would hiding folders cause any problems with my system, or is it strictly a visual thing?

My thanks in advance for any help.
- EF

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the file will only be available/visual if you go rooting for them in the other/original users acct

work profile

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