Yesterday When I Turned My Lptop On The Back Screen Light Was Of Dimmed Tried All My Best But To Know Avail.
Forced To Use Study Lamp To Illuminate My Screen Whilst Typing My Project. It's Microsoft Xp Laptop..what To Do Now?

I've seen a few of these where the button that tells the laptop the screen is open or closed gets stuck. Look for this and pull it out, that should help.

not yet helped, my buttons seems ok..except if i missed one my mistake........still dimmed laptop screen-laptop is acer travelmate 240
thanks in advance

Not as in the keyboard button, but a small push button at the very back of the laptop, where the screen is. When the sreen closes it would push it down.

You laptop may or may not have one, depending on the make.

also you can increse, decrese and even turn off the backliht on a laptop with the "fn" key. Usually te fn key's that u can use are in orange or grey depending on the make. Also sheck power management, or something with acer on the control panel (use clasic view, it is easiey) and look for something qith screen brightness. I know on my toshiba i can increse or decrese screen brighteness, and processor speed from power management