I am using a Windows XP SP3. It is about two months that I am faced with this problem. Whenever I turn off my computer it restarts again and this happens repetitively. I think the problem started when once I unintentionally or mistkenly clicked the
"Switch To" or "New Task" of Window Task Manager when a program did not responding properly to "End Task" prompt. Searching the web, still I've not found a solving-the-problem answer. Thanks for help.

Could be a chipset driver fault! What computer have you got?

Just pull the plug! No... Don't do that... You may damage the hardware inside. This sounds like a bad hardware problem. check your BIOS for shutdown options to see if they are messed up, also make sure your power button is not 'stuck' too.

Yes please tell us your computer specs! That would help.

Have you try with another power supply unit? It could be the PSU that is having the problem.

You are using the 'button' from the start menu right?

Have you ever used the actual 'power btuuon' on the case many times before? If you hold the power button on the case down the computer should shut off... However if you've done that then you may have damaged the Windows OS because it does not have time to finish writing any data to the Hard Drive which can result in hard drive corruption.


After appearance of the problem I start forcing my comuter shut down by holding the main power button for few seconds for some times. So you are right this may be the case. Yet using "Stand By" I have no problem in turning it on again and using my omputer. I recently changed my PSU but I will try it again. Reparing Win XP
installation has had no effect so far.

I'm starting to think that this may be a simple problem with the power button itself not the Windows OS...

Try installing/repairing anyway see if that fixes it.


I may aswell unsubscribe from this thread. My question as to what PC it is has not been answered. I see no point in wasting my time!

Check the small battery on the motherboard. May be it is weak. Replacing this battery may solve your problem.

although I was very much reluctant to do so but at last I
1) printed a list of all my programs
2) copied every things in an external HD
3) formatted and installed a new xp on drive C

The "turning off" problem dispelled.
Thank you all.

try this command on cmd(command prompt)
shutdown -s -t 1

You can try to see if maybee someone or somehow in you Bios there is a couple of "Wake On" setting. Maybee the "Wake On Lan" or something similar is enabled, on the other hand if you force it of and it stays of it would not be that then you can try looking at reinstalling windows completely. Still not working you can buy a new Mainboard.

Did the problem start before or after you replaced you PSU ?

Your BIOS might have a setting to compensate for power-off restart (in the Power menu). Put the restart setting at DISABLED. That should allow the computer to turn on only when you activate it yourself.