We use an Exchange 2003 server and MS Office 2003 & 2007. It seems that every time a user has to change their Windows password, they lose access to their email. The problem was solved for the users when I had them just enter their new password in the prompt. The exchange server is not a Domain Controller but the Active Directory that runs Exchange is linked with the DC's AD. The question is, is it normal for the user to have to enter their password into outlook after changing it for window (the usernames and passwords are the same)? Is there any way to avoid having to reenter the PW into outlook when the login has changed?

i dont think it is normal. if i have a user logged into windows(using active directory) exchange gets its information from AD...

the only time that i have outlook demand a password is whenever the logged on account does not have an email address or b, the computer is not part of the domain

When we create the user object in AD, I do it on our exchange server so ensure that the email address is 100% tied to the user. I must be missing something somewhere.

hm thats weird. i just add to ad the exchange .. never have issues

you might have an issue in exchange recognizing the ad or even the ad recognizing the exchange (not sure, that is a little over my head)