This problem is intermittent to some degree. After booting to desktop, and clicking the Mozilla icon to log-on to home page it will say not found. Sometimes it will log on with no
problem. The hard drive activity lite is flashing and the activity lite on the modem like something is being downloaded. I have a program called game booster which is allowing me to shutdown a lot of stuff that runs in the background. That seems to help with the log on problem some of the time.
My computer is an Acer AM1100-B1410A, AMD BE-2350 dual-core 2.1MHz, 2Mg ram, 320 GB H.D.D. Windows Vista Home Premium, Mozilla 3.0.15
I have stopped windows upgrades to the extent that it notifies me when one is available. I am sure that other upgrades are taking place when they want to and I don't know how to find which ones are the culprits. I do have AVG Internet Security 8.5.425
That has 11 features, anti-everything imaginable. I am not an expert on Windows, but I have built computer from parts, and installed the drivers from floppies, and Cd's in the past.
Since I posted 3 Mo ago I am starting a new thread. I have learned to after the computer boots then just immediately Update AVG then
I have had a lot better success logging on to my home page on DSL. As has been suggested before I will check to see that the LAN settings are all clear. Thanks for posting.

Just to rule out Firefox as the problem, download Opera or Chrome and see if you have the same problems.

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Open Task Manager and look at the CPU/Memory under Processes (click to sort the column - rank largest first). You'll see a few processes swap places. You may have a few rogues.

Also sounds like you may be losing your connection. Are you on wireless? Check the settings on your wireless utility to see if your connection is reliable.

Thanks Bob: I am not on a wireless, but I really think now that the AVG
update was the problem. I haven't had any more problems after doing the
update manually,