When I try to run a test in help and support center I get a message,
Exception in DisplayRunMap.runmap. Windows XP Home Compaq Presario.

What are you trying to do and what operating system are you running? We need a little more information to help you like steps you are doing to create the error. The error message you are receiving plus the operating system you are running would help greatly.

I was trying to record in stereo in audacity but could only record on the right side. The left side would not record. All settings in audacity are set correct. Have updated all sound card drivers. The stereo has been checked in the sound card options. Thats when I ran the test in help and support center and got the message exception in DisplayRunMap.runmap. If you answer this one you are the only one who can. If you know of better sound drivers for this computer I would be ecstatic. Compaq presario sr1053WM windows XP SP2. By the way it does not matter what test I run in help and control center I get the same message.


Hate to redirect you but I am not familiar with audacity. You might want to try their forums http://forum.audacityteam.org/

If you were already unsuccessful there, crash the application again and post an red errors under applications in your event-viewer and I will take a look and see if I can see anything that may be causing your problem.

Sorry, can't do that already formatted my hard drive. now the test in help and support works but still cannot record in stereo using audacity. Will try the other forum. Thanks. I have goggled the exception in DisplayRunMap.runmap and no one knows the answer. Not even microsoft.

Sounds like this is a battle you have been fighting for a while. I can try to help you, if you want.

What type of mic are you using, usb make and model? I have read several posts regarding mono recording related to a usb mics.

This is a piece of one of the threads:

mybigoldies wrote:
I have all the settings set as they should be and still only get the left channel using Audacity and Wavepad

Good. That's what is supposed to happen.
The Samson CO1U is a mono microphone, so it can only produce a mono signal.
To set up Audacity correctly for recording a mono microphone, go to "Edit menu > Preferences > Devices" and set "Channels: 1 (mono)". Audacity will then record a single channel (mono) audio track that will play back through both speakers.

I'm not using just a mic into my computer sound card. I know all vocal mics are mono except specialty mics. I'm recording through a pro karaoke machine which has the capability of playing a cd plugging a mike into it playing a song and singing all at the same time. Then running all that from the out rca plugs which is stereo to the in computer plug which is stereo. All hookups are stereo wired.