I am using a HP laptop pavillon dv6 operating under windows 7 home premium. The problem I am facing is that when I open any windows based application and click in the menu bar to select a main menu item, the menu items under this main menu are displayed on the left side instead of the right side of the menu. Normally what I know is that if there is not enough space on the right side the menu items are displayed on the left. I don't know why they are displayed on the left regardless the position on the monitor. Does someone experiencing the same problem or can assist? Thanks.

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What you "know" is correct. I do not therefore see a problem here.

I Have A Windows 7 Too.. I Did Not Experince Any Ploblems When I Use It.. Except The Wireless Adapter Have A Ploblem.. I Think It Might Be Your HP Computer And Not The Windows 7... It Is Because You Do Not Have Enough Space On Your Laptop??

Maybe you can check your display setting. The next will be the task bar setting.

is there any point on the screen where u get the things right then the prob is with the position of mouse which is wrongly interpret by system. thus making it a hardware prob.

If you are not acing any problem due to that, then why are you worrying. Continue working till you get any serious issues that bar you work.

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